The Helpers

Aatif Awan

Founder, Managing Partner

Aatif started Indus Valley Capital with a mission to help founders build the most transformational and impactful companies in Pakistan. He has led the first investment round for and serves on the boards of many leading startups from Pakistan, including Airlift, Bazaar, BridgeLinx and Atoms

Previously, Aatif was VP Growth & International Products at LinkedIn and built the product team that grew the network by half a billion members. Aatif also led the product integrations between LinkedIn and Microsoft after the $26B acquisition.

Shahryar Bachani


Shahryar is passionate about founders, businesses, platforms and ecosystems - he built and runs Venture for Pakistan, a platform to nurture and cultivate top talent in the country to become the founders of tomorrow. He is the first Venture Partner (Asia) for Rally Cap Ventures, an emerging markets focused early stage fintech fund. He is also a scout for ODX, On Deck’s global accelerator.

Shahryar currently provides executives near and long-term visibility to help manage Alphabet effectively and tell the strategic and financial story to its board of directors and investors. He is an experienced corporate strategy & finance professional with prior experiences at Deloitte and Bank of America Merrill Lynch