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We’re on the search for outlier talent to join our mission in full-time and intern roles on our investment team in Pakistan.

What you’ll be expected to do:

Traits we are searching for:

The Process:



  • 26th March

Information Session

  • 27th March

Application Launch

  • To be scheduled and announced

Coffee Chats

  • 7th April

Application Deadline

  • On a rolling basis for shortlisted candidates

Analyst Call

  • 2nd - 3rd week of April. To be wrapped up
    before Eid

Memo Exercise / Case Study

  • Post - Eid 

Partner Call

When would I be expected to start?

You should be able to start full-time by May/June, 2023.

Is the role remote or on-site?

The role is remote. However, you are expected to be based in Pakistan. It's important to be in the same time zone and be available to meet founders in person and do on-ground research as needed.

How much work experience is expected?

People with or without work experience, both, are encouraged to apply. We can co-author the compensation plan to suit where you are in your career.

What if I’m not from a finance background?

People from all academic backgrounds can apply. We are running an open process to get a diverse pool of candidates. You don't have to be from a certain school or finance background. If you have good judgement when it comes to people, businesses, and how the future might look, we want to hear from you.

Can you apply for an internship with us?

Yes. We are hiring for, both, full-time and intern roles. Both applicants are encouraged to apply via the same application. We will be able to separate intern applicants using your graduation date. However, we will first confirm candidates for full-time roles and then reach out to intern applicants to start their process later.